Tips for the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Picture

LinkedIn is a social networking platform for professionals (official website) that helps in business networking. It acts much like your digital business card and is therefore much different from Instagram or Facebook. In the digital world, your profile picture creates your first impression and can determine if you are chosen for business, hired for a contract, or employed for a position, according to

According to Capture it! Photography, here are some tips that will help you get the perfect LinkedIn profile picture.

Capture the perfect headshot

It is vital that your headshot picture speaks for itself. Capture the audience’s attention with a strong confident smile. Also, it is important to remember that the LinkedIn profile photo cannot be clicked to enlarge. Therefore, ensure that the picture occupies 60% of the space, recommends Brand Yourself. Avoid uploading a scenic mountain top picture or one that has a busy background.

Look approachable

No doubt, your picture should be approachable. This does not mean you should look all stern and serious in the picture. Such a headshot could be interpreted as an angry and unfriendly person. Instead, try to look genuine with a warm welcoming smile.

Have an appropriate expression

It goes without saying that your smile has to be natural, warm, welcoming, and if possible, candid. A professional photographer can make you feel at ease and even make you laugh and smile so that he can capture your candid smiling expression.

Similar to a smiling person, a well-captured profile photo with a smile can radiate warmth and a happy aura and easily attract the attention of a recruiter or a business prospect.

Wear your usual self

Your profile photo should represent your real self. For this, wear clothes you would normally wear to work. So, irrespective of your designation, whether it may be the CEO of a big company or an employee in a startup, wear clothes that you would wear every day to work.

Since a headshot is not something you’d updating often, think of what attire might best reflect your business and its values.

Avoid selfies

Selfies are not at all considered professional and are not socially acceptable even on other social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Always have your headshot taken by a professional photographer to give a strong first impression to the hiring manager.

Do not have a distracting background

It is vital to keep the background simple so that viewers can focus just on the face. This is key to an impressive headshot, as a bad background can not only distract the viewer but also change the recruiter’s opinion about you. It is recommended to have a soft charcoal grey or blue backdrop or something that is substantially blurred so that it does not distract from the subject.

Don’t crop from a group picture

This is definitely another no-no. If you crop from another group picture it shows a lack of commitment and dedication. It sends across a message that you have not put enough time to portray the best of yourself.

It is best to hire a professional photographer who can click the best LinkedIn profile photo that will land you your dream job or business deal.