Family and Systematic Constellation Therapy

According to Marina Toledo, Constellations Facilitator & Trainer and Founder of the Hellinger Institute in Canada, living models within our family that affect deeper forces such as our thoughts, behaviour, and emotional experiences can be considered as a family constellation process.

What is a constellation?

A constellation can be considered to be a group of elements i.e. ideas, objects, characteristics, or feelings that could be related in some manner. A problem can be caused due to the relationship between different elements of a system. This problem could be attributed to any system, be it an individual, a family, or an organization. Constellations are used by energy workers, alternative healers, and psychotherapists around the world to provide healing for self, family, and ancestors. 

What is a system?

A system could be defined as a purposeful structure that consists of interdependent and interrelated elements. These elements influence each other to maintain a steady-state referred to as homeostasis.

What is a family?

A family is a result of the coming together of elements that include within an umbrella of family values; relatives, siblings, parents, and even ancestors.

What is a family constellation?

Family constellations is a therapeutic approach to find out the foundation on which one’s life, values, and beliefs may be based. The underlying dynamics could be the basis of hindrance or in some cases the root cause of their current problem. A family constellation is then useful to provide insight into the hidden dynamics and eventually lead to resolutions to the problem at hand.

A family constellation is capable of creating an opportunity to remove hurdles from the life of an individual. It can support:

  • Relieving physical pain
  • Getting rid of a long-term illness
  • Observing how unconsciously we might be bringing family dynamics to work environments
  • Living our lives with dignity
  • Making the most of our resources
  • Enhancing our strengths
  • Receiving the love of our ancestors and parents
  • Being able to work on our weaknesses

What is a systematic constellation?

Systematic constellation deals with a person’s issues that are about internal conflicts or emotions. Systematic constellation helps to understand the interplay of the underlying elements that could be the cause of the problem.

Who are constellation facilitators?

Constellations, developed by Bert Hellinger discloses the hidden elements and dynamics behind sufferings that result from grief, loss, tragedy, and violence. Constellation facilitators believe that every one of us is surrounded by an “energy field” that has information regarding imbalances and unresolved issues from our families and ancestors as well as the knowledge to change them. Hellinger believes that each constellation (which could be created for a tribe or even a nation) has an existential conscience and can auto-correct itself over time.

Entanglements are incidents of the past that the individual is entwined to and therefore feels the fate of another as his/her own. Constellation facilitators also assist in making corrections to these “Entanglements”

Constellation facilitators are now calling this work “Systemic Constellation.” It can be applied to different types of large and small systems. Constellations can be created for illness, dreams, trauma, and more.