Three Products to Carry in Your Makeup Bag

If I were to only have three products in my makeup bag that I could take what would they be? If I could have only three products in my makeup bag what should I have?

According to Deborah Williams of Grace Makeup for Midlife, it’s a great question.  For each individual it’s different. As we women get older our skin becomes finer and a foundation becomes important to even out skin tone. 

As we age and our skin becomes finer, imperfections showing through fine skin are signs of aging.  I know a lot of women don’t like the feelof foundation on their skin, but today there are so many different kinds of foundation there is one for everyone. 

For myself, I find mineral makeup to be light and comfortable.  It also has some sun protection. 

So, the first thing in the makeup bag is foundation

When our skin becomes uneven and we lose fat in our face – probably the only place where, as a woman, I don’t want to lose fat – this creates sagging and dark shadows, particularly under the eyes, around the nose and mouth and it is aging.    

The purpose of foundation is to even out skin tone. IF you have not worn foundation in a long time, the formulations have changed dramatically and they are lighter in texture than ever. 

The mineral makeup foundations that have come out recently are also more fragrance, filler and preservative free with a built-in natural sunscreen.  The best way to find the right foundation is to try on different foundations. 

I find the powder base mineral foundations are the easiest to apply and feel the lightest on the skin.  I think a lot of women feel that a foundation smothers their skin and makes them feel that their skin is not breathing.  Turn that around – foundation protects your skin against the elements! Foundation does not smother your skin. It protects your skin.  There are often fewer chemicals in mineral foundation than in your day cream and sunscreen, so check your labels.  Why not protect your skin and make it look good at the same time?

From there it is really personal. Even though I am fair, I am able to do without mascara, so mascara wouldn’t be in my essential makeup bag. 

In my makeup bag would be foundation, eye shadow to take the heaviness out of my eye area, and lipstick. I love lipstick. 

Someone else might want mascara and eyeliner, choosing to do without lipstick as her lips are full and need very little. 

Someone who has very little lip definition needs a lip pencil and a little lip balm (lip balm, by the way, doesn’t count as one of your three products).

Find yourself a good makeup artist who carries a great line of makeup that she believes in and uses herself.   A good makeup artist is like a good hairdresser – she will guide you in the best ways to bring out your best features.