5 Best Reverse Image Search Engines to Identify Photos in 2021

There are times when you get curious about a picture’s source, or want to identify whether someone is using your pictures without authorization or not. This is where reverse image search engines become helpful in finding where copies of the image are published.

These search engines allow you to search images you upload, and find relevant images as results. They let you verify the image source and so much more. Below are what we think are the best reverse image search engines that can help you identify where copies of the image you upload are published.

Google Images

Google is one of the best known reverse image search engines. To use its reverse image search feature, open Google Images. There will be a camera icon at the top right corner of the search bar. Click on this icon to upload an image, or simply drag and drop an image to identify its source or find similar images.


As the name indicates, Copyseeker is also used to seek copies of any image you would like to search for. This reverse image search engine is quick, simple, and very easy to use for help finding visually similar images. You can drag and drop an image to Copyseeker, or upload the image from your PC to find copies that exist on the internet.

Copyseeker even lets you import images directly from your Instagram to identify whether someone else is using your images or not. Its built-in copyright claim functionality makes the whole copyright claim process a breeze, so it is well worth checking out.


TinEye is commonly used for copyright problems with regards to images. Its reverse image search feature was established before Google Images, so it is a well trusted resource. You can either upload an image to TinEye, or paste the image URL into the search bar to identify it.

To make the whole process easier for its users, TinEye has introduced an extension as well. To use this new feature, simply download the extension, right-click on the desired image, then you can do a reverse image search using TinEye’s technology.

Pinterest’s Visual Search

Pinterest is a popular image-based platform that has its own visual search tool. As it has a very large image database, you should never ignore it while looking for the source of a particular image. Using Pinterest’s Visual Search tool is pretty easy to iuse.

Simply log in to your Pinterest account. Click on the pin whose results you want to search. There will be an icon, of a magnifying glass, at the bottom right corner of the pin. Click on this icon to get similar images as results.


Bing introduced its reverse image search feature in 2014. You can search for an illustration, photo, or for a wallpaper through this reverse image search engine. Bing works in a similar way to the other image search engines outlined above. You have to either upload an image, or paste the URL of the image into its search bar to get Bing to fetch all the information you need related to that particular photo.