Email Marketing for B2B: Services and Software

Popular Services and Software in Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered one of the effective marketing strategies for developing any business. In addition, studies have proven that email marketing has vast potential: according to most marketers, this channel significantly increases ROI.

Advantages of email marketing for the B2B sphere:

  • 85% of managers prefer a well-structured text to video or audio content;
  • 75% of business owners are more likely to respond to an email that offers a business idea rather than just promoting products;
  • 61% of managers appreciate unique content that can help them optimize various workflows.

Email Service Provider

Email services are the main environment of an email marketer’s work. It is their main tool, or rather, a whole set of tools. Over the past few years, ESPs have grown from mere email delivery systems to micro-CRM platforms, whose mandatory functions include segmentation, data analysis, webmail creation, testing, sending and analyzing results, and automation.

90% of businesses seriously planning to implement email marketing think about using the resources of their CMS or developing their own ESP, but the majority, sooner or later, decide to use a professional service. I’ll simplify your task if you haven’t decided yet.

The Place of Email in the B2B Funnel

This is when people are leads, i.e., those who received cold emails or just people who signed up for a newsletter. Then, the whole email marketing works on making the lead from MQL to SQL. 

More on leads:

  • MQL leads have somehow proven themselves—they downloaded a white paper, subscribed to a newsletter, and are interested in some of your webinars—i.e., they voluntarily did something on your site, leaving their email. 
  • SQL lead is the one that has already warmed up, and we have fully brought it to work with sales managers. So, the email is needed only for that.

When we talk about B2B marketing, we always have very few people who signed up for mailings themselves, and they somehow got into our database, i.e., there was a standard double opt-in.

Best B2B Email Marketing Services

The capabilities of popular mailing list services are similar, but businesses’ needs differ greatly. There are many solutions for creating mailing lists and even more combinations of these strategies. Let’s examine the Best B2B Email Marketing Services in more detail. 


MailChimp is an all-in-one service for comprehensive email marketing. It is a world leader that offers a multitude of features, including the ability to create adaptive emails and set up trigger campaigns without the need for specialized specialists. It applies behavioral segmentation and allows the use of Big Data. Additional benefits include strong analytics, social subscriber profiles, adaptive email design, many ready-made templates, and tools for A/B testing.


SendPulse is a unified platform for transactional, triggered, mass email, SMS mailings, and push notifications. The service uses adaptive email templates and has a mobile application for sending newsletters from any device. You have access to segmentation and personalization of email content, a generator of subscription forms, a mailing scheduler, and the ability to set up a series of emails triggered after activating your chosen event.


Sendsay is a service for complex email marketing that allows you to deeply segment your contact base, including identifying potentially interesting segments with the help of analytical capabilities. You can use dynamic content and generate individual promo codes and attachments for personalization. All the service’s functionality is available to clients with bases of any size.


Omnisend is another email marketing service focused on eCommerce businesses. As such, it is a great choice for Shopify store owners. Like with Drip, you can create automation based on your customers’ smallest actions. You can also combine email with SMS and multi-channel marketing.

Best B2B Email Marketing Software

Mailing list services work as standalone systems that help grow your subscriber list and create email campaigns. Marketers who use mass emailing to increase brand awareness or promote products save time and money. Plus, email services, thanks to professional tools, help to get a higher ROI. Let’s move on to the best email marketing software. 


Being a great email marketing solution, AWeber helps many businesses design and deliver HTML emails by offering templates, autoresponders, reports, and more. With AWeber, entrepreneurs can improve customer relations and thus build audience loyalty.


If you need a convenient email marketing tool, MailerLite is a good choice for any business. With an easy-to-use content editor, regular reports on each campaign, and an optimized subscriber guide, you can create attractive emails and monitor their effectiveness.


Hunter is a popular tool for finding email addresses (it has a database of 100 million addresses) without wasting time. You can search for the people you need for your business in seconds. It may be the most powerful solution in its niche.

What Is the Best Solution for Your Business? 

It’s hard to name the best services and software for B2B. Every brand and every business chooses the tool that meets its needs. However, it often becomes difficult for businessmen and marketers to select one option. Our article should help users understand the best business tools. 

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