Who is to Blame For Side-Impact Collisions?

T-bone accidents, which occur frequently in Atlanta and are caused by a vehicle’s side hit, can cause life-changing injuries. One of the most common causes of side-impact collisions is a driver’s failure to give the right of way to oncoming traffic. Consult an Atlanta car accident attorney if you were involved in a T-bone collision and want to know your legal alternatives.

A T-bone collision can completely change someone’s life in an instant. A careless, inebriated, or otherwise negligent motorist can cause serious side-impact collisions that result in costly injuries, lost time at work, damaged property, and more. Fortunately, you can file a claim against the careless party to recover some of your costs.

In a side-impact incident, the parties involved almost never agree on who was at fault. Most of these collisions occur at intersections where cars are approaching from different directions.

In order to seek compensation for your damages after being T-boned in a car accident, you must first establish blame. Finding who is responsible for a side-impact incident in Atlanta by consulting your case with a lawyer. To learn more, click here.

Frequent Reasons For Side-Swipe Accidents

One driver’s failure to obey Atlanta, Georgia’s traffic regulations can lead to a devastating side-impact incident. Here are two situations where this kind of accident might occur:

Accidents at junctions where the driver disregarded a green light by continuing through on a red one.

An accident was caused by a driver making an unlawful left turn and being struck by a car in the oncoming lane. A side-impact collision can happen for a variety of different causes. Among them are:

  • Racing the clock
  • The inability to give
  • Caused by drivers who were distracted
  • Drunk driving includes both alcohol and drug consumption while behind the wheel.
  • Aggressive and careless driving
  • Inadequate weather
  • Ignoring a stop sign or red light can lead to tickets, fines, and other legal trouble.

Determining Responsibility for Side-Swipe Accidents

Damages for injuries sustained in side-impact collisions are compensable under Atlanta law. These damages reimburse them for their hardships including medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and emotional distress.

Your entitlement to financial recompense is at stake, but you need to show that the other motorist was at fault for you to win the case. Insurance companies, following an automobile accident, will initially want to know who was at fault. The question of fault in T-bone collisions is different from that in other types of accidents.