Will TikTok Be the New Instagram?

Tik Tok on a smartphone

It is unquestionably true that TikTok has rapidly grown and emerged as one of today’s top social media platforms. Within a very short time, it has gained more than a billion users worldwide out of which at least 700 million people are its regular users.

While diving deeper, you can get to know more interesting facts and figures. If you are a little bit confuse upon which platform from the two then don’t worry. There a few key aspects that can help you understand everything from its inception to what it has been up to today.

Technical Vs Practical Aspects

Before you start comparing TikTok with other social media platforms, taking a look at the various technical and practical aspects is of utmost importance. From Facebook to Instagram to Kik, each social media platform has got its unique interface, features, unique propositions, target audience, and many other important elements.

If we try to look at the technical aspect, TikTok differs from Instagram to a huge extent but still, it has continued to dominate the industry and win its target audiences preferences for considering it to be their favorite social media platform.

Practically, Instagram was developed by a team of Facebook Developers launched in 2010 and TikTok has been developed a Chinese company named ByteDance in 2016. Instagram has spent almost 10 years and on the other hand, TikTok continued to operate in China for two years and then provided globally after the acquisition of Musical.ly in 2018.

Keeping this in mind, you can see that TikTok has spent not more than 2 years in the industry and it has been already booming as the most used social media app by youngsters across the world.

The Latest Industry Facts and Stats

After Instagram started, it took almost 9 years for Instagram to gain more than a billion users. On the other hand, TikTok has a global user base of more than 2 billion users that emerged within a couple of years. Yes, we can say that video-sharing seems more attractive and pleasing then image sharing but there is even more that made it possible for TikTok to grow rapidly.

Instagram’s key focus was to outpace its immediate competitor “Snapchat” where TikTok has been fortunate enough to take full advantage of this loophole. In any case, Instagram is unable to compete with TikTok but TikTok can easily toughen the pitch for Instagram. Concepts are different but the market rivalry reflects unique dynamics.

According to the recent post published by The Verge, TikTok has unimaginably reached a total of 2 billion users in almost no time at all. Now social media enthusiasts talk more about TikTok likes and views compared to Facebook and Instagram followers, according to Tikfuel. Yes, you might want to say that Cristiano Ronaldo who is the most follower person on Instagram has almost 229 million Instagram followers but that’s just because of the platform has continued to exist for 10 years. On the other hand, many TikTok influencers have got 100 to 150 million followers in just a few years.

How Do Other Platforms Perceive TikTok?

You will be surprised to know that industry-leading social media platforms manly Facebook has significantly underestimated the colossal potential that’s still hidden behind TikTok. While diving deeper into the current industry insights, Mark Zuckerberg might want to rethink his statement or give a new one instead of shadowing the future of Instagram.

According to a recent post published by TechCrunch, Mark Zuckerberg – CEO of Facebook said: “It is almost like the Explore Tab that we have on Instagram”. Surprisingly its not just like that. TikTok has got a lot more than Instagram because Instagram has got haphazard stories and user content however, TikTok is a more focused and organized storyboard type of thing that significantly outpaces Instagram.

Users Rapidly Changing Preferences

The rapidly rising number of TikTok users across the globe significantly highlights, users dynamically changing preferences and ever-increasing interest in using TikTok to engage with likeminded people and community to share their content.

In 2019, Instagram started working on a new feature named as Reels which has been recently launched in 2020 as “Co-Watching”. Reels was a pretty similar idea like TikTok’s short videos. It is the biggest evidence of something that Mark Zuckerberg forgot while giving his statement about TikTok and comparing it with Instagram’s “Explore Tab”.

How Social Media Enthusiasts Are Adapting?

Bringing newer ideas and applications in today’s highly rivaled social media industry is pretty easier but keeping up with the stated aims and objectives is far more complicated then you have ever thought.

It is not at all about bringing a unique user-interface, some new features, and superb community engagement. The essence of growth for any social media platform primarily relies upon its target audience.

While looking closer at the various dynamics of TikTok and the type of target audience it focuses on, it is undeniably true that TikTok has specifically targeted the teenagers’ community which indeed counts the most for the global population.

Believe it or not, but can easily find every Youtuber worried about gaining greater TikTok followers. No matter they do pranks or share exciting and funny videos with the world, what matters is their changing preferences and increased focus on building a strong following on TikTok.

Concluding Thoughts

While looking at the huge set of both qualitative and quantitative aspects that are covered in this post, it is pretty evident that TikTok has continued to dominate the social media sector on a global scale.

The world won’t stop at TikTok and someday there might be a more interactive, engaging, and appealing social media platform coming up in the next few years just like TikTok arrived after Instagram spent almost 10 years in the industry while gaining big influencers like Cristiano Ronaldo.

No matter how the industry reshapes its dynamics, one thing is pretty obvious that there is nothing that can stop TikTok from growing and becoming the new Instagram for the entire community of social media enthusiasts.