What is Criss Angel’s Net Worth?

criss angel net worth
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For many years Criss Angel has thrilled thousands of people with his amazing magic tricks. He is said to be worth an estimated $50 million.

Criss Angel was born as Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos. But that name won’t ring a bell to many of his avid fans. Criss built a reputation for himself as an illusionist. He has performed so many daring magic tricks that have left his fans wondering if Criss is really human.

Biography Of Criss Angel

Criss Angel was born in New York City, his parents owned a restaurant, and they were able to give Criss Angel a good education. At school, Criss discovered his passion for magic tricks. He thrilled his friends to some minor magic tricks and later started practicing to become better.

At the age of 12 years, Criss had already started earning a regular income from his performances as a magician. His clients included the owners of bars, local restaurants, and at his high school. After graduating from high school, Criss was ready to focus on his career as an illusionist.

Life as a Magician

Criss Angel was fortunate to land a role in the horror movie titled, “Lord of Illusions”. The movie was directed by Clive Barker, who also gave Criss an opportunity to work with his team in the long-term.

In 1998, Criss Angel made an attempt at music, harnessing his musical talent; Criss made and released an album. The album was titled, “Musical Conjuring from The World of Illusion movie theme.” The album was created in collaboration with a prolific singer named Klayton.

Criss Angel started an illusionist themed TV show series named after him. The first in the series was named, “Criss Angel Mindfreak,” which made him very popular. He went on the produce other TV shows named after him, such as, “Criss Angel –Believe, Criss Angel- Magicjam, and Phenomenon.

Near Death Experience

In 2002, Criss Angel performed what is regarded as his most daring act as an illusionist. Criss Angel voluntarily entered into a secure chamber which was filled with water. His task was to escape the chamber within a limited time.

The daring adventure turned out to be almost fatal. Criss Angel, in his desperation, to survive, consumed 16 oxygen tanks, and almost lost his life. At the end of the performance, Criss Angel had to be rushed to the hospital for quick medical attention.

This event did not slow him down, Criss Angle went on to perform greater feats, and he has earned a name in the hall of fame for magicians in our time.

Sources of Income

A major part of Criss Angel’s fortune comes from his magical performances, which also include paid collaborations and sales of tickets for his live performances. For a fee, Criss Angel features in different TV shows, and commercial advertisements for top brands. He has also earned money from his work as a musician.

Tickets for his shows are always sold out. Everyone wants to see the unreal tricks of illusion performed by Criss Angel.