Top 5 Most Shocking Football Results of All Time

What makes football fun is its unpredictability. If the best team wins every game, then there would be no reason to watch the game at all! While it is not uncommon to have a big team losing to a small team,  some results are unbelievable, even for us football aficionados. Here are the top 5 most shocking results in football history according to UFABET

1. 9th July 2014 World Cup Semi-Final – Brazil 1-7 Germany

Germany’s 7-1 win against Brazil became the most tweeted about sports event ever, with over 35.6 million tweets relating to the game, says ยูฟ่าเบท. This result broke many other records, including the most goals Brazil had ever conceded in a single match. It was also the biggest World Cup semi-final defeat. Although many football fans predicted that Germany would win the semi-final, nobody ever expected the scoreline! The frenzy of 4 goals in 10 minutes stunned Brazilian fans, and even brought some to tears!

2. 16th July 1950, World Cup Final Group – Uruguay 2-1 Brazil

During the 1950 World Cup, Brazil only required a draw against Uruguay in their last game to win the World Cup. In the second half, Brazil went 1-0 up, only for Uruguay to slip 2 goals late in the second half and claim a 2-1 victory. The thousands of fans packed into Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro watched in disbelief as Uruguay were crowned world champions.

3. 26th June 1992, European Championship Final – Denmark 2-0 Germany  

Before Euro 1992 began, Denmark were considered outsiders and were not thought as serious contenders for the title. They had even failed to qualify for the main tournament. The only reason Denmark were competing in the tournament was because of the breakup of Yugoslavia, and the subsequent E.U. sanctions against Montenegro and Serbia that prevented them from taking the vacant position. Far from being there to balance the numbers, the Danes shocked Europe with a string of victories by winning against England, France, and Holland, before becoming European champions by defeating Germany in the final.

4. 19th July 1966, World Cup Group Stage – North Korea 1-0 Italy

In 1966, Italy were 2 times World Cup Winners, and North Korea had never participated in the competition before, according to UFABET (แทงบอลออนไลน์). Most fans expected that Italy would welcome North Korea to the World Cup with a big defeat, but this would never be. North Koreans fought hard and won 1-0 thanks to a goal from Doo-lk Pak, who scored a goal in the 41st minute. While the results may not seem shocking to an average football fan, Italy needed only 1 point to qualify for the next round. Also, there was a huge gap between the two teams’ experience.

5. 25th August 2014, English League Cup 2nd Round – Mk Dons 4-0 Manchester United

Manchester United were not performing well in the 2013/14 season after a string of bad defeats, and were difficult to bet on (แทงบอล). But fans had high hopes after David Moyes was fired and Louis Van Gaal was hired as the manager.

Before the MK Dons game, it was a shock to see Manchester United lose to Swansea, and draw against Sunderland. But even these results did not prepare United fans for the shocking 4-0 defeat to M.K. Dons. This was a small team that had only existed for 10 years and played in League Two, the 3rd tier of English Football.

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