Top 10 Winning Hands in Poker

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A game of poker can easily be won by players who understand the rules and know and understand the different hands that they might get. If you know the winning combination of hands and how they stack against the other hand pairs, you already have an advantage over your opposition.

In this article, I have written about the top ten winning hands that you should always hope to get during a game of poker.

For a new player, it may seem confusing when you start memorizing the different hand rankings, but over time, it gets easier, says So, here they are:

  1. The Aces – Every poker player will be delighted to be handed a pair of Aces to start the game. The Aces are more powerful when the cards are raised before a flop. A pair of Aces is better than the Kings.
  2. The Pocket Kings – This is another good hand to start a game of poker. If you get the pocket kings, try to go all in before the flop, says UrbanDictionary.
  3. A Pair of Queens – Getting a pair of Queens is good luck, Always try to use a profitable strategy with this hand, and avoid folding pre-flop.
  4. The Pocket Jacks – Experienced poker players will be excited with this hand because it is one of the top five hands in the game and can be used to gain more stacks.
  5. The Ace-King Pair (Suited) – With this hand, many poker players will put all their chips in the middle pre-flop. This is a move that can confuse players with lower pairs.
  6. The Pocket Tens – This is a good starting hand that has a winning chance against the Ace-King pair during a poker game, says Reddit.
  7. The Ace-King Pair (Off-Suit) – This is a strong hand that is valued by many poker players. They usually go all in with this hand, with a big pot that prevents other players from folding.
  8. The Ace-Queen (Suited) – This hand combination is excellent for doing a nut flush, because of the Ace card. The Ace-Queen is a top ten hand that increases the probability of winning the game.
  9. The Pocket Nines – This is a great hand for experienced players who know how to use the folding strategy with the pocket nines.
  10. The Ace-Jack Pair (Suited) – In a small group of poker players, the Ace-Jack pair is a premium hand to have. However, if you think the game will be aggressive, be cautious when raising.

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