Tips for Recovering from Eyelid Surgery

The blepharoplasty (see Mayoclinic definition) or eyelid procedure can rejuvenate your eyes and your face. Whether you are having an upper lid lift or a lower lid lift, or a combination of both, you are sure to be eager to see the results of your surgery. While each individual heals at his or her own pace, there are some things that you can do in order to ensure your surgery recovery goes as smoothly as is possible.

Prepare Well for the Recovery Period

According to facial feminization experts, the majority of patients recover well and can get back to normal activities within 10 to 14 days after surgery. It’s important that you are able to rest when you need to. It can be helpful to have your household responsibilities covered well ahead of time, so that you can rest.

Whether this means ensuring your freezer and pantry are well-stocked or having a family member help care for your children and pets, it’s important that your schedule is freed enough to allow you to focus on recovering.

Pay Attention to Postoperative Instructions

Your surgeon will provide you with instructions so that you can understand what will be needed for recovering after your eyelid surgery (more details). This will help you to ensure that you have on hand everything that you need when you get home after your procedure.

Some of the essentials that you will need for self-care at home will include eye drops to help reduce the potential for dry eyes and cold compresses to help with the reduction of swelling. You should also have sterile gauze on hand, just in case your eyes leak while healing.

Stay Positive, Don’t Get Discouraged

It’s the rare person that gets out of any type of surgery looking like a supermodel. Recovery can be physically challenging, but the emotional side of it might be overlooked at times. In truth, you’re not going to look great for a period of time after your surgery. Your incisions will look red and angry, your eyelids will be swollen and puffy and the bruising may look like you’ve got black eyes.

You may be anxious to see the results of your surgery, and the recovery time may get you feeling down. The swelling will subside within two weeks, and this point you’ll be able to see the results of your surgery. Your eyes will appear to be brighter and younger. You’ll continue to see results as your eyelids continue to recover.

Don’t Overuse Your Eyes During Recovery

It can be tempting to use your recovery time to catch up on your reading list or to binge a television show. These favorite past times are notorious for leading to dry eyes, which is something that should be avoided during your recovery from surgery.

Limit Your Time in the Sun

It’s important to protect your healing eyes from bright sunshine, and even from the wind. Wear sunglasses that offer protection for the side of your eyes. Wearing a hat can add additional protection for your eyes while they are recovering from surgery.

If you have any questions or concerns about your recovery from the blepharoplasty procedure, be sure to reach out to your surgeon’s office. The better you take care of yourself and your eyelids after surgery, the better your recovery will be.