Tips for Growing Your Home Care Agency

You now have a home care agency. It’s just a start. The more important question is: how to grow your agency? Every agency wants to grow and market their services  to new clients and gain wider reach. But the problem is: many don’t know the most effective way of growing the agency. 

There are many things to consider: onboarding, recruitment, operation management, and so on. All these can be overwhelming and making the big leap to expand your agency can sometimes be daunting. 

There are many things that separate an established home care agency from one that is still trying to make a name for itself. An established and successful agency like Advanced Care employs a solid strategy for keeping its growth. It offers other things as well, like free home care consultation from Now here are some basic tips for growing your home care agency.

1. Clear and Well-Defined Strategy

Growth only works if it stands on solid ground. Thus, the most important thing to grow your home care agency is to have a clear and well-defined strategy. Before you hire more staff and expand your agency, you must first have a solid plan. Know where you are headed and be clear about how to get there. Otherwise, you’ll just lead your agency to nowhere.

A clearly-defined strategy can go a long way. Without it, your expansion may just be a waste of money, time, and resources. Take things step by step. First, focus on marketing your services; then increase your referrals. Only then you should consider hiring more staff. Training and onboarding can be costly. Hence, it’s important that you pay attention to recruitment and retention.

2. Don’t isolate yourself in the office.

It’s understandable. When you’re still starting, you want to oversee things yourself: from answering phones, speaking to new clients, training new caregivers, and so on. However, when you get stuck in the office, you’re preventing yourself and your agency from growing.

For your agency to grow and thrive, it needs to become part of the community it serves. Thus, to bring your agency to the community, you need to be actively involved in the community. You can better make informed decisions when you know what is happening in the community and outside the four walls of your office.

3. Direct your marketing efforts on organizations with high client needs.

Knowing where your clients learned about your agency is vital to the growth of your agency. You can ask clients and their families in person or through surveys. Understand the source of client introductions before you decide where and how to direct your marketing efforts.

This does not mean that you must focus only on organizations that bring in the most clients like health care professionals and elder care placement agencies. You must also consider the organizations where clients with high needs come from. This may include support groups, families of former clients, and the like.

4. Don’t do it all yourself.

Even if you’re the most qualified and knowledgeable person in your agency, never try to do it all by yourself. Learn how to delegate tasks. It’s faster and more efficient. When you do all things by yourself, you are limiting the growth of your company. When tasks are delegated properly, things are done faster and with less mistakes. When experts in particular fields do the certain task, the result is more professional. And when your agency looks professional, chances are, you’ll get more clients and gain wider reach.

More importantly, focus on the quality of care that your home care agency is providing. When your caregivers are performing great, your clients and their families will do the marketing for you.