The Reason Why More Grooms Are Choosing Moissanite Bridal Sets

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Weddings and other bridal occasions are among the most important events in a person’s life. Therefore, people celebrate them with style and grace. This is where you can find out more about wedding rings and how to choose one that will suit your personal taste and budget. Top among the favorite piece of jewelry include Moissanite bracelets and engagement rings, says MoissaniteCo

Bridal sets are made of different gemstones. Conventionally, diamond has flooded the market with other stones coming a distant second in the choice of classy jewelry sets. However, the rise of moissanite gives grooms a great alternative in their choice for bridal sets. Discovered in 1879, moissanite continues to prove its worth in the jewelry market and beyond.  

Moissanite preference to diamond 

Many more people are choosing Moissanite (more info) over diamond in the market. The reason why moissanite is preferred by many men and women is that it is less expensive than diamonds. It also comes in various colors unlike diamonds, which come only in white or yellow hues.

Diamonds are have high value and this makes them very costly. However, moissanite is affordable and comes at reasonable prices. In addition, moissanite does not require any special care like cleaning. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Here is a detailed look into moissanite’s quality that makes it a top choice and preference to other gems for bridal sets: 

  • Availability and cost 

Moissanite is available in abundance in the market. You can buy moissanite from online stores or local jewelers. Several websites sell moissanite in bulk at low prices. Some of these sites offer free shipping services as well.

Lab-grown moissanite ensures enough supply of this gemstone hence the competitive price over diamond and other gemstones. Since moissanite has superior qualities comparable to those of diamond, grooms do not mind picking it over other stones. This is especially because it is cheaper than diamond. 

  • Variety of Shapes and Sizes 

You can get moissanite in all sizes and shapes including round, square, oval, etc. dealers cut these moissanites using precision machines and polished to perfection. They then mount them on fine gold plated bands. That way, grooms have a wide option to choose their favorite bridal set design and size. 

  • High Quality 

Moissanite is highly durable and strong. It can withstand extreme temperatures without losing its shine. It is also hypoallergenic meaning it is safe for those who suffer from allergies. For that reason, it is a favorite among jewelry lovers looking for bridal sets. 

  • Exceeding Beauty

Lab-grown moissanite is quite something to behold. Over the years, its production has grown to sophisticated levels that bring out great appeal to buyers. Its beauty is unmatched by others. It looks beautiful in every color imaginable.

  • Easy Maintenance 

It is easy to keep moissanite looking. Unlike diamonds, which need constant maintenance and polishing, moissanite requires no such maintenance. It just needs regular cleaning and polishing.

  • Durability and Strength

It is highly durable and strong and can last for years if properly cared for. Buyers can use it as an everyday watchband or a ring. Additionally, people wear it as a pendant.

  • No Scratches

Moissanite is scratch resistant. It does not scratch easily and stays shiny for long. It is also hypoeasible meaning it does not absorb moisture. This is an important quality for grooms who want convenience with the products they are wearing. 

  • Versatility

Moissanite is versatile. Therefore, people can use it in multiple ways. For instance, it those in engagement can use it as a bracelet, earrings, necklace, ring, pendants, etc.

  • Weight

There is no weight associated with moissanite, according to the GemSociety. This means you do not feel heavy wearing it. It is light enough to wear comfortably. For this same reason, many grooms are going for it for their bridal sets due to the comfort that comes with its lightweight products. 

The preference of moissanite to other gemstones is clear. If you want your wedding rings to stand out among the crowd, choose moissanite. It will make your wedding set one of a kind.