The Best Forex Signals Available on Telegram

Forex traders wishing be better trades, should consider using the best Forex signals on the market. There are a lot of ways on how to do this. This is why many traders look for companies that offer reliable trading signals. In each market, many companies provide accurate and advanced entry and exit points in forex markets. Many service providers exist, providing traders better trading techniques and increasing earnings for decades.

At present, Telegram is a great messaging app where you can find many forex channels that will give you the best Forex signals and content in an extensive array of foreign markets, according to This article will share some of the best and most reliable forex trading signals on Telegram. Traders need to check this out!

1. 1000pip Builder Forex Signals

This is one of the highest rated and most popular Forex signals providers available. Their performance is second to none.1000pip Builder is run by Bob James, a highly experienced professional Forex trader. The service specializes in providing the best possible Forex signals to it’s members. Most importantly, the results have been independently verified by MyFXBook, so you can have confidence in the performance of the signals.

Members are extremely satisfied with the service and this is reflected in the very high TrustPilot ratings that 1000pip Builder has achieved. One of the key benefits mentioned by members, is the direct contact with the professional trader, Bob James. By trading along side a professional, many members have been able to significantly improve their own trading as well as benefiting from the Forex signals.

If you are serious about improving your Forex trading and getting the the best possible Forex signals, then 1000pip Builder is a great place to start, says Learn2.Trade.

2. Forex Robot Nation VIP

This is the number one or leading forex signals on Telegram today. Even if this is new, they are already stringing a fantastic and impressive run of success and wins. No like other service providers out there, they only use tight risk-reward ratios in order to make the low service risk. They offer free and paid signals, and for each signal, they risk 1 percent and gain 2 to 5 percent for every trade. They have a 1:5 risk-reward ratio.

The service offered is only available for $35 a month, which is considered the cheapest. Signal frequency is three to five a day, and trading strategy includes market structure, price action as well as a Fibonacci retracement. 

Each signal is delivered to a telegram that you can use on your computer and mobile device for free. All signals have a complete analysis, stop loss, take profit, and are Pending Orders, so you are able to take time. There is no need to place your trade immediately.

2. FxProEra

This is considered one of the most reliable and sought-after forex trading signals on Telegram at this point. At present, they have almost 8,000 subscribers on Telegram, which makes FXProEra one of the most prominent groups. The signals they generate are solely based on a live chat that will instantly let you know the present market condition. What is more, you can also pick the signals based on the duration of your trade. For instance, if you have a plan of positioning for a long-term trade, this foreign signal will make a signal based only on your style requirement. In case you are a scalp trader o a swing trader, this is an ideal forex signal provider for you.

3. ApexBull

This is also one of the most prominent forex trading signals in the market, with many users and subscribers on telegram channels. People behind this signal provider claim to have decades of experience in financial markets and Wall Street. This is also considered one of the most precise trading signals channels for the FX market.  

Another remarkable thing about this is that they share private signals, which offer some of the best and precise trading signals at this point. This signal made is very powerful as well as you can use it in trading various trends. 

What is more, they also provide a training course for beginner traders. There is also a VIP chat, which makes it simpler for traders to know more about the fundamentals of the forex market. What is more, they have a community from all parts of the globe, which trades an extensive array of assets that take account of forex, digital assets, indices, and gold. 

4. Stomper Fxpips

Although this signal provider is new in the world of forex signal, Stomper Fxpips has been capable of gaining approximately 1400 subscribers and users over the years. To open an account, you need to give out USD1000 to this forex signal provider. After opening an account, you can utilize their trading techniques such as Intraday trading and Scalping trading. 

5. FXPROfit Signals 

Another remarkable forex trading signal on Telegram is FXPROfit Signals. This is a superior, high-volume forex signals provider that has operated over Telegram for many years now. They provide five to seven trading signals a day, and what is more, they have a fantastic track record of returning 2,000 pips a month. 

Each signal comes with thorough analysis and studies in the type of an annotated chart and in-depth discussion of the forex trading signal. You would not get much in the way of devoted educational resources with this fantastic signal provider. On the other hand, we discover that you are able to know a bit of the technique in trading simply by following the charts. 

Another best thing about FX PROfit signals is that they take risk management very seriously. You do not just acquire an entry point and a single exit point, but instead, three take income levels for each trade and a stop-loss which is increased in due course to keep your earning safe and sound. 

Aside from forex trading, they also cover popular commodities that take account of silver, gold, crude oil, and platinum. That is not cheap, but it is not particularly expensive and pricey either, considering the many signals you can get on a daily basis. Your trading account comes with 24 hours and 7 days of customer service, which is regarded as one of the main benefits. 


There are lots of benefits of using forex signals, like increase the chance of the return. This, along with a reliable and trustworthy provider, can lead to generating remarkably consistent and steady returns. 

Forex signals, without a doubt, are the most valuable analytic information that allows traders to have clearness about the forex trading market at a specific instant. With lots of telegrams signals channels available, one can quickly join any group as well as comprehend how this works and the way of choosing the trades based on these signals. In case you are not confident, you can partake in the groups offering free signals to become familiar with the analysis prior to deciding on a premium plan. 

There are hundreds of forex signals on Telegram to select from, and we have shown you some of the most excellent and reliable forex signals groups on telegrams that are available out there. You need to ensure to do many kinds of research prior to participating in a group, and through this, you will have a happy and memorable trading.