Teach Your Kids How To Edit A PDF File

man pointing to a PDF file

In this world, which is getting upgraded by every minute, it is vital to keep yourself aware of the fundamental chores or skills. 

Today, when technology has become an influential aspect of the educational sector, every student must stay up-to-date with the improvised functions of a computer or any digital device. 

Books were once only available in print, but now, they are being digitized in PDFs or a Portable Document Format.

It is becoming inevitable for children to deal with PDFs regularly. Therefore, it calls for the children to be fully accustomed to the functioning of these documents. 

If your child is still not acquainted with the operations that lead to edit PDF, now is the time. 

A General Guide to Editing a PDF in Windows and Macbooks 

While editing a PDF might not sound like a difficult job, it does include a few steps.

One of the most well-known pdf reader or photo-editing applications is PDFSimpli. Usually most applications or websites are paid or require you to make a monthly subscription to make use of their services. However, PDF Simply lets you edit your PDF for free. 

Since it is not an application yet, the website does not show any significant differences in Windows or Macbooks. 

It is even great for people who will be using the website on their android mobile phones. Almost every newly designed or manufactured smartphone comes with an already installed version of a PDF reader. Therefore, your child will face no such problem while editing the pdf on a web browser.

There are only a few steps that are fundamental to how to edit a PDF that you might need to make. 

  • Open your web browser and log in to your favorable PDF editing site. 
  • You will find an option called ‘Upload PDF’. 

As soon as uploaded, it will take you to another page where you can make any edit you want to on the PDF. 

We have demonstrated a few of the basic edits which will help you to get a grasp of the editing system. 

How to Highlight Text on a PDF

When you open a PDF in any application or website, your cursor will turn into a pen, according to WikiHow. It will help you while selecting the sentences. On the top left side of the screen, you will find a symbol that resembles a marker. That is the highlighter in this case. 

  • Select the text with the help of the cursor.
  • Click on the marker symbol. 

You will see that the lines will now have a demarcated yellow background. In most cases, yellow is the default highlight color. 

How to Add Comment or Note on the Text

This usually comes in handy while noting down essential reminders. 

  • Select the text with the help of a cursor. 
  • Right-click on the selected text, and you will see an option called ‘Add a comment.’ 
  • Select ‘Add a comment.’ 
  • Save the file.