Scrap and Recycle Your Car

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For many decades, metal has been a global trading commodity. Almost everything has a piece of metal in it. Your door lock, the hospital syringe, your handbag or wallet, those sunglasses you like, everything!

Since manufacturers use metal on a large scale, they buy their metal as a raw material from scrap yards. With increased demand for scrap metal, the UK government regulates the trade while ensuring best practices, according to

When Should You Consider Scrapping Your car?

There are many reasons to scrap your car…

  • Need for money – selling an old car could be a quick source of cash.
  • If the car is too expensive to maintain – if you spend more time at the mechanic’s than being on the road, then it is time you got rid of the vehicle.
  • After an accident – Sometimes, accidents happen. It may not be possible to get the car back on the road. If that is the case, you can choose to recycle your vehicle.
  • If it is expensive to own a car– A car is everyone’s pride and joy. However, if you are struggling to keep up with the cost of fuel consumption, and maintenance, you can sell it.
  • After failing an MOT test – If your car fails the MOT, and the cost of repairing any damaged parts is too high, consider selling it.
  • If you are moving – Say you are moving to a different place, and you have an old car in your driveway. Transporting it could be costly. You can then consider selling it.
  • If it is a risk at home – Car waste can be dangerous. An old car sitting in your driveway could be a health risk. In case of rain, the water washes out dangerous chemical into your drains and plants. That is why you must sell your old, worn-out car to the yard to recycle car batteries properly.

What Do I need Before I Recycle My Car?

Before you sell your car to the treatment facility, there are a few steps to ensure a successful trade. Some of these include:

1. Get Those All Important Documents Ready

In the UK, only legal car owners can sell their vehicles. Therefore, you should have all the documents showing that you are the owner. These include:

2. Get Your Car Ready For Pickup

Even if it is a junkyard, it is rude to leave your belongings in the car when selling it. Try to clean up any dirt or trash in the car. Also, remove personal belongings because they will get thrown away once the vehicle arrives at the treatment facility.

3. Call the Scrap Yard Facility

It is important to research and find a licensed treatment facility to scrap your car. A licensed facility knows how to handle different parts of the car. For instance, they can recycle your car battery, categorize different metals, and separate recyclables from non-recyclables. Only call the junkyard when your vehicle is ready for pickup, and you have the right documents. 

The scrapping process ends when you get paid, and when you receive a destruction certificate to show you are no longer the owner.