RZA Net Worth – How Much is He Worth in 2020?

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What Is RZA‘s Worth?

RZA Net Worth

RZA Net Worth: RZA is as well a member of Gravediggaz. With his many years in the entertainment industry, he has amassed a lot of wealth. To date, his net worth is believed to be $18 million.

RZA is a renowned American rapper, filmmaker, actor, producer, author, and musician. Many people know him for his membership in the Wu-Tang Clan. Over his career, he has released albums both solo and as a member of Wu-Tang Clan.

RZA Net Worth:

$18 Million

Net Worth$18 Million
NameRobert Fitzgerald Diggs
Birthday5th July 1969
Age50 Years
Where he was bornNew York, USA
Last updated2020
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Early Life

The rapper was born on 5th July 1968 in Brownsville, New York. His mother named him Robert Fitzgerald as she was an ardent follower of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. RZA was born in a family of four children. He is the second born. 

RZA got involved in crimes at a young age. The rapper was involved in drugs, and at some point, he faced attempted murder charges. 

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Music Career of RZA

In 1988, RZA and his cousin formed a rap group and recorded three songs that became a local hit. 

In 1991, the rapper debuted as “Prince Rakeem” and released a song called ‘Ohh I Love You.’ In 1992, RZA faced an 8 years jail term but was acquitted. Between 1991 and 1998, he released several albums, including ‘Bobby Digital in Stereo,’ ‘Digi Snacks,’ and ‘Birth of a Prince.’

In 1993, he released the album ‘Еntеr thе Wu-Таng’ together with his group – Wu-Tang Clan. After this album, they also released ‘Wu-Таng Fоrеvеr,’ ’Iron Flag,’ ‘The W’ and ‘8 Diagrams.’ Wu-Tang Clan latest album debuted in 2014 – ‘А Веttеr Тоmоrrоw.’ In addition, they have also released 16 singles and 19 compilations.

RZA has released 3 collaboration albums, 1 instrumental album, 2 compilation albums, 11 singles, and 13 soundtrack albums. 

He has also released several albums as a member of the Gravediggaz. They launched their first album named ‘6 Feet Deep’ in 1994. In 1997, they also released another album, ‘The pick…..the shovel’. Other albums that they have done together include ‘Dig Deep,’ ‘Nightmare,’ and ‘Return.’ 

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One RZA singles ‘Wu-Wear’ was ranked position 60 on the Billboard Hot 100. His album ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ was also appreciated as well. 

In 1999, RZA ended productions for ‘The Wu-Tang Clan’ and started composing film scores. His work with Jim Jarmusch, an American producer, earned him recognition for the crime movie “Ghost Dog.”

In 2007, RZA released The RZA-Instrumental Experience under SRC records. He also helped Kanye West with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy‘ album. 

RZA has also featured in many movies as an actor. Some of the films include; ‘Coffee and Cigarettes,’ ‘Gang Related,’ ‘The Box,’ ‘Robot Chicken,’ and ‘Due Date.’ Sometime in 2017, RZA was named Lоvе Веаtѕ Rhуmеѕ director.

Personal Life

RZA got married to Eboni Mills back in 2000. However, they divorced in 2006. He remarried again in 2009 to Talani Rabb. To date, RZA has 4 children from different women.

The rapper is a vegan and promotes Vegan lifestyle. He also loves animals and supports PETA. RZA also loves chess, and he is the director of the Hip-Hop Chess Federation. The rapper resides in New Jersey.

RZA Net Worth 2020

With his successful music and acting career, RZA’s net worth is estimated at a whopping $18 million.

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