Looking For a New Job After Covid-19: How About a House Manager?

a house manager working in a house

You may wonder what a house manager does. In fact, as the household staff industry gains ground, new job titles are created. This could be compared to the job of a butler in previous days, but with additional responsibilities. Here is a glance at the role of House Manager.

What is a House Manager?

The job description of a House Manager is quite difficult to explain, simply because it can vary from one household to another. However, one thing can be said without a doubt: The person handling this role will be the one in charge of the house and responsible for its functioning. After that, there are large quantities of tasks and duties that can be asked from a House Manager. It will all depend on the needs of the homeowner.

Today, many people need more than just a butler or a housekeeper. These two jobs imply mostly taking care of the physical elements taking place in a house: cleaning, cooking, gardening, etc. The job of a House Manager is to look at all that needs to be done, and then handle the tasks or redistribute them accordingly to the staff in place. In fact, according to the size of the home, the House Manager can be expected to run everything by himself or he can be provided with a team that he will have to manage in order to keep the house running smoothly. Here is where you can find jobs and vacancies for House Managers.

Various Responsibilities and Tasks of a House Manager

Normally, the main role of a House Manager is to oversee the running of the house, so that it always goes smoothly, and to make sure that the property and the land is kept nicely and maintained in good condition. However, this is just the basis of the work. According to the homeowner’s expectations, the tasks that this implies will vary greatly.

If there is a team in place, the House Manager will have to prepare and provide each employee with their daily tasks. It is his job to make sure that they all complete their tasks and will account for their work in front of the employer. This job also includes the general administration of the house. That means the House Manager will have to manage the bills and control the budget related to the house. He will also be the one to get in touch with contractors, whenever need be, and manage the various renovations or repairs of the house.