LED vs. Regular Light Bulbs: Is It Worth Changing Them?

This is a good question. After all, just because something is newer or labeled environmentally friendly doesn’t mean it is! You need to do your research and understand what is on offer and which is the best option for you. 

Regular Light bulbs

Regular light bulbs are often referred to as incandescent. These are the original light bulbs as invented by Thomas Edison in 1879. The bulb has a filament in the middle of it running between two metal poles. When you turn the power on electricity flows through the filament and it creates light and heat.

This gives you instant light. However, the filaments are under a lot of stress and generally last a short space of time 


In contrast, an LED light bulb has electrons that are pushed through the space inside the bulb to create photons. These photons are visible as light, illuminating the space in the same way that a traditional or conventional bulb does. 

It is worth noting that an LED bulb will last significantly longer than a regular light bulb. It also creates virtually no heat and uses less electricity to generate the same amount of light as a regular light bulb. 

Energy Saving

Because LED bulbs use significantly less energy than regular light bulbs you will be saving money by using them. However, before you start installing them across your house, it is a good idea to get a level 2 electrician like ontimelocalelectrician.com.au to check your current electrical system and make sure everything is safe and up to code. This will help to ensure you don’t have an issue with your new light bulbs.

An LED bulb will use approximately 75% less energy than a regular light bulb. That is a considerable saving when you multiply this up by how many bulbs you have in the house and how often you have them turned on. 

Longer Lasting

LED bulbs don’t generate heat that wears out the internal components, they are also capable of moving electrons almost indefinitely. This means that the LED bulb will last significantly longer than a regular bulb. This reduces the overall cost of buying an LED bulb, making them cheaper in the long term. It also makes them less hassle as you will need to replace your bulbs less frequently.

A Word About CFL’s

CFL’s, or Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs are the alternative energy-saving option. They have the traditional twirling design. These bulbs take a short period to warm up and shine brightly. They use approximately 70% less power than a regular bulb, making them almost as energy efficient as an LED.

However, they don’t last as long as an LED light bulb. CFL bulbs did have the advantage that they emitted a broader beam of light than an LED. However, LEDs are improving all the time, making them the best option when replacing your light bulbs. They really do make a difference to your energy bill and the environment.