Keep Your Heating Oil Safe from Theft with These Tips

heating oil being refilled
Img Source - National Geographic

Are you losing heating oil even when you’re not using them? Someone may be stealing your heating oil. When you’re on a tight budget, every drop of oil counts. Thus, heating oil theft is something that you should prevent. You would not know what the thief may take the next time. To keep your heating oil and your home safe, we have prepared some safety tips for you to follow.

Aside from preventing theft, you also need to save on oil costs as much as you can. To find the best price for heating oil, visit Here are the tips on how you can prevent heating oil theft:

1.Secure Your Heating Tank with Safe Locks

There are tank locks available in the market. They come in various sizes. Choose the one that best fits your tank. The locks are easy to install, which generally do not require drilling or other complicated installation processes. 

2. Install Oil Monitor

Installing an oil monitor allows you to check if there is a suspicious and sudden drop in your tank’s oil levels. There are automatic top-up services that include oil theft alarms. This way, you can instantly get alerted if something suspicious is going on. This also lets you keep a record of your oil levels which you can use as proof and evidence to your insurance providers or when you’ll report  the theft to the police. 

Automatic systems reduce the occurence of theft through the following:

  • Providing alerts regarding your oil levels.
  • Working as a heating oil theft alarm.
  • Preventing human error, like leaving your safe lock open. 

3. Insure Your Heating Oil and Tank

There are some insurance companies that cover heating oil damages and loss due to theft. The best way to find out if your current insurance covers heating oil theft is to inquire with your current home insurance provider. If not, get insurance that covers theft. When your tank and heating oil are covered in case of theft, you will have peace of mind. 

4. Install CCTV that Points at Your Oil Tank

In many cases, thieves will hesitate to proceed with their plans when they see that your house has CCTVs. Spending on CCTVs is a good investment for the safety of your home and your family as well. However, if you cannot afford to buy one yet, you can trick the thieves into thinking you have CCTV at home by putting up a sign that says “this oil tank is monitored.”

What to Do When Someone is Stealing Your Heating Oil

When the theft is happening right before your eyes, never approach the thief. The thief may be armed and taking the matters into your own hands may just jeopardize your safety, and that of your family. Stay inside, stay alert, and call the police. While waiting for the police, take notes, evidence, and anything that you think may be helpful to the police. When the police arrive, get the crime number to confirm the theft. Immediately call your insurance provider and report the theft. Do the same thing when the theft has already happened.

To ensure that the theft won’t happen again in the future, follow the safety tips we have provided above