How Valuable Is Forklift Certification for a Business?

Forklift certification is a way of minimizing risks associated with forklift operation while simultaneously improving the skills of your employees. It’s a worthwhile investment if you want to keep your employees safer and keep your business more productive and profitable.

But exactly how valuable is forklift certification from a business standpoint? And how do you get the most value out of it? help us answer these questions.

Benefits of Forklift Certification for a Business

These are some of the top benefits of forklift certification for your business:

·       Improved safety. The biggest and most obvious benefit of forklift certification is improved safety overall. Despite their outward appearance, forklifts are surprisingly dangerous pieces of equipment. They’re heavy, they’re hard to control, and they come with blind spots that make it hard to see everything in your surroundings. Forklift certification programs require employees to gain the proper knowledge and insights necessary to operate forklifts safely. This greatly reduces the chances of anyone in your organization, a forklift operator or pedestrian, suffering harm from a forklift accident. It also reduces the probability of your organization’s property being damaged as a result of forklift misuse.

·       Streamlined training and education. Most organizational leaders understand that employees should be properly educated and trained in forklift operation before they’re allowed to handle this piece of machinery. However, many struggle to implement internal training and education programs sufficiently. Forklift certification, especially through convenient online training programs, can streamline your training and education quite inexpensively.

·       OSHA guideline adherence. Most forklift certification programs follow OSHA’s forklift guidelines very closely. OSHA is, of course, the defining authority when it comes to workplace safety. You can feel confident knowing that forklift-certified employees are generally going to operate forklifts according to OSHA standards.

·       Higher productivity. Businesses also benefit from higher productivity. Forklift-certified employees can operate forklifts safer, quicker, more efficiently, and more confidently. They’re less likely to make mistakes and are more likely to operate forklifts productively. In general, this should minimize time waste and allow you to get more done every day.

·       Team morale. Don’t overlook the benefits to team morale. Employees need to feel safe in their workplace if they’re going to do their best work. Employees also love advancing themselves and improving their career trajectories. Forklift certification helps you in both areas, boosting the morale and confidence of your entire team.

·       Equipment condition and lifespan. Forklifts are extremely expensive. When employees know how to operate and take care of forklifts properly, they tend to last longer and cost less to maintain. If all your forklift operators are forklift-certified, this can save you a ton of money in the long run.

·       Fewer liability risks. You’re much less likely to face a lawsuit if your forklift operators are properly certified. If you’re concerned about liability risks, you should pursue forklift certification for all your operators.

·       Peace of mind. Some business owners simply like the peace of mind that comes with knowing their employees are properly trained and formally certified.

Keep in mind that many of these benefits are contingent on certifying all employees who will be using forklifts, and making sure that forklifts are only operated by people who are properly certified.

Benefits of Forklift Certification for the Individual

There are also significant benefits for the individual employees being forklift certified.

·       Safety. As we’ve already covered, forklift certification is critical for safe forklift operation. Both your operators and the people around them will feel safer after acquiring this certification.

·       Skill development. Most employees want to feel like they’re continuously improving. They want to advance and better themselves. Forklift certification is one path to skill development that most of your employees will appreciate.

·       Confidence. Forklift operators also feel more confident after gaining certification. They’ve been recognized by an external authority as having the knowledge and skills necessary to operate a forklift safely and efficiently.

·       Resume/application benefits. Forklift certification can look good on a resume or application. Obviously, you want to retain your forklift-certified employees, but there’s no harm in those employees feeling good about their future job prospects.

·       Career versatility. Forklifts are used in many different industries and for many different purposes. Getting forklift certified means your employees will have more options for careers in the future. Again, you’d likely prefer to retain your employees, rather than lose them. But having more options can be extremely valuable to employees who are feeling burnt out and employees who are, for one reason or another, unable to stay with your organization forever.

Forklift certification may not be as impressive of a credential as a PhD, but it’s still incredibly beneficial to both individuals and businesses that utilize it – and it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to acquire. If you’re interested in making your organization safer, or if you just want to reduce liability risks, consider getting more of your employees forklift-certified.