How Much Can You Recover if You Are Injured by a Dog?

dog bite
Img Source - Animal Medical Hospital

Nearly a million individuals every year, or around 20% of dog bite victims, need medical attention after being bitten by a dog. More than 300,000 visits to the emergency room are caused by dog bites each year, and 9,500 require hospital admissions. That hospital stay typically costs around $20,000. Each year, those stays cost close to $60 million.

About two-thirds of dog bites result in injuries to the face, neck, and head as the primary injury sites. Over 30,000 dog bite victims will undergo reconstructive procedures by plastic surgeons each year. Dog bite injuries can leave some people, usually children, with permanent scarring on their faces and necks.

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How Much Damage Can I Recover After a Dog Bite?

Any other out-of-pocket expenses lost wages, and punitive damages may also be recovered by a victim in addition to medical bills, depending on the law. Typically, compensation for pain and suffering lost wages, and medical costs are included in settlements. It is only permissible to award punitive damages when the defendant’s actions have shocked the court’s conscience, which occurs in all personal injury cases.

The victim must show the responsible person was the owner or harborer of the dog to establish strict liability for the victim’s medical costs.

Several factors will affect how much is paid in settlement for medical expenses.

  • How severe is the harm?
  • How much treatment is required?
  • What future medical care will the victim require?

You are entitled to financial compensation for all lost income if a dog bite injury prevents you from working for an extended period.

Physical and mental agony is often a serious loss in dog attack instances. When a child has a terrifying dog attack, there may be additional psychological harm besides physical injuries. Pain and suffering are especially relevant. In the event of a dog bite, never undervalue the pain and suffering compensation.

If a dog bites me, may I sue the owner?

Yes, you can usually file a lawsuit against the dog owner if you or your child is bitten and gets hurt. The process frequently starts with an insurance claim filed under the dog owner’s homeowners insurance or another pertinent policy. In many cases, the insurance company is negotiated a fair settlement directly with your lawyer, so there is no need for a trial.