How a Data Recovery Specialist Can Bring Your Data Back

Losing data is common, and many people have experienced data loss at least once in their lifetime. Losing data can be due to malware, data corruption, hard drive physical damage, or sometimes accidental deletion, which is more common than you might think. No matter the clause of the loss, it is perfectly natural to panic, not knowing what to do next. This is where the need for data recovery comes in. 

When it comes to data recovery, the procedure’s success depends on your system’s condition, and how you lost the data, according to hard drive recovery experts But with the advancement in technology over recent years, data recovery methods have improved, and today chances of retrieving all your lost data are high compared to a few years ago. Here is a quick guide on how a data recovery specialist can help you recover your data…

Causes of Data Loss

The most common causes of data loss are detailed below…

  • Accident deletion
  • Corrupt data
  • Power failure
  • Malware attacks
  • Hacking
  • Physical hardware damage
  • Hard drive or software failure

Data Recovery and How it Works

Data recovery is the process of salvaging and restoring lost data. The method used depends on how data was lost. Also, the effectiveness of data recovery depends on:

  • How the data was lost
  • Your activities on the system since the data was lost
  • The condition and format of your storage system 

How a Data Recovery Specialist Will Help You Recover Lost Data

There are different data recovery methods, and the method to use depends on how data was lost, among other things. Therefore, it is essential to avoid any engagement with your system/hardware after losing data. Some activities can make data recovery impossible and expensive, and therefore, you should always consult the experts to avoid escalating the problem. Below are how an expert will help you depending on different scenarios…

1. File Corruption

We all dread the not so common error “Corrupt Hard Drive”, as this usually means you have lost important data. But worry not, because recovery is easy with professional data recovery services. For instance, if the problem is due to the operating system being corrupted, then all the expert will do is attach the drive to another computer, and then access your files. However, if the data corruption resulted from a corrupted partition table, the data recovery specialist will repair the software and get your data back. 

2. File Deletion

Deleted files remain in your drive until they are overwritten with a new file. This is why it is important not to touch your system as soon as you have lost data. If you act fast and contact an experienced data recovery specialist, the chances of restoring all your data are high. The expert will use recovery software to recover the data, and the process can take a few hours or days depending on the size of the lost data, format, and operating system.

3. File System Damage 

A formatted file destroys information regarding the previous structure of the data contained on that drive. The data lost usually depends on the level of system format. For instance, if you have formatted the whole drive and replaced it with a blank memory, recovery chances are low. However, if the data recovery specialist finds enough traces of the data lost, they will use recovery software to ‘build up’ as much information as they can, and you will soon have your data back. 

4. Damage to a Physical Drive

You may drop your external hard drive, and it ceases to work. When this happens, it is time to contact a data recovery specialist. The expert will examine the drive, and repair damaged components in a controlled environment to avoid pollutants, such as dust. Depending on the extent of damage, the experts will recover all or most of the data. It is certainly not an easy process, and may take a lot of time. 

5. Damaged Solid State Drive (SSD)

SSDs are popular today for their ability to make computer processes instant. But since this is a new technology, recovering lost data from SSD is not as easy as traditional hard drives. In addition, not all data recovery experts can handle the technology, and this may mean that you have to search for a more qualified data recovery specialist. The recovery process is also expensive. But with the right team, recovering lost data from SSD won’t be a problem.

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