Get the Most Out of Your Day in Miami With Luggage Storage

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Miami has always captured the hearts of those who visit it. Honestly, how could it not? It is a fabulous destination to visit every month of the year. From the constant sunshine to the azure waters and golden sand beaches, Miami is literally one of the most photogenic places to be.

This equally means that you will have an unforgettable time while visiting Miami. There is a reason that it is the place everyone wants to be!

Where to even start when it comes to things to do in Miami. You obviously came for the sunshine and the sand. So that is an obvious inclusion into any itinerary. But you likely also came out of interest in watching the fascinating and diverse array of people who call Miami home. This makes the nightlife scene here pretty remarkable.

And then, of course, there are all the designer brand shops that would make any shopping addict lose their mind. To then be followed up by incredible eateries, vibrant galleries and some of the best dance parties you will ever get to join.

So it is no wonder that for those who have only just arrived in Miami and still have their luggage to worry about that they may start to get a bit anxious. But not to fret, as luggage storage in Miami is actually really easy to book. And by storing your luggage away for the day, you can hit the town ready to rumble and make the most of your time in this glorious city.

How to Book Your Luggage Storage

Finding luggage storage in Miami is literally super easy. You can do so by simply browsing online at all the options that are located near where you want to be.

1. Find Your Spot

Top locations for luggage storage in Miami include Miami Beach, Dolphine Mall, Port of Miami, South Beach and Downtown Miami.  Whatever option you choose, make sure it is convenient to where you want to be in Miami anyway.

2. Reserve Online

Once you find your spot, you can reserve your luggage storage with a few simple clicks of a button. From there, all you have to do is enter your payment details and select your estimated arrival and departure times.

3. Drop and Run

Now that you did all the preparations in advance, all you have to now do is drop your bag off at your selected location and spend the rest of the day with your hands-free of any luggage worries. And further adding to peace of mind is the extensive content insurance coverage you get from booking, along with a guaranteed seal so you can rest assured no one browsed through your bag while you were out and about in Miami.

What to Do Now

Now that you have sorted out your luggage, it is time to have a truly fabulous time in Miami. Here are the top picks for how to truly make the most of your day here. 

1. Head to the Beach and Chill

Now that you do not have to worry about your luggage getting all sandy, you can immediately head to the beach, lay out your beach towel and chill. Beach life in Miami is a total scene, so make sure you take out a stylish outfit before you store your luggage away. Oh, and of course remember to take out your sunscreen and sunglasses too!

2. Check Out the Museums

Not only does Miami have great beaches, but they equally have great museums. One of the best is the Phillip and Patricia Frost Musem of Science. Designed to offer learning to all ages, the museum is really an educational exploratorium. Full with an aquarium, planetarium and multiple galleries, this museum is definitely large enough to spend a whole day in.

It is equally one of the best family-friendly activities to enjoy. And even more enjoyable when you do not have to fuss around with an abundance of luggage too.

3. The Botanical Gardens

Miami is not just blessed with beautiful beaches, but also beautiful gardens. One of the best is the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (see TripAdvisor), which is over 80 acres in size. Full of stunning plants, flowers and other foliage, it is a calm escape from the bustling city. And also even more enjoyable when you do not have your luggage to tow around in there.

Because the garden is so extensive, there is actually a tram that will take you to all the different spots you want to be. One of the best is the butterfly exhibit, with nearly 50 different colorful species that will have you walking into a straight-up fairytale.

4. The Outdoor Street Art

In addition to the impressive skyrises is the equally impressive street art. Miami has recently grown in terms of its hipster street art scene and is something all visitors should take the time to appreciate. The best place to go is Wynwood Walls, which could very well be the most Instagrammed location in the whole city, says USNews.

This is a result of the gallery of art that has ended up on all the walls. In fact, many famous artists make their mark here too. This is also definitely an area of the city that you want to be luggage free.

5. Take a Tour

Sometimes we learn the most when visiting a city through the walking tours it offers. One of the best is the Art Deco tour in the South Beach area of the city. On this tour, you will see a range of stunning old school buildings that pop with color. You obviously do not want to have luggage to drag around for this, as there will be lots of walking and crowds to navigate through.


The best way to ensure you have the ultimate day in Miami is by getting rid of your luggage as soon as you arrive. The best way to do this is by booking a luggage storage service in advance online so you can ditch your bags and hit the sights.