Factors That Might Affect A Court Proceeding In A Criminal Case

Criminal cases are never monotonous. They can begin on one note and take a drastic turn eventually. Most of the time, a proficient attorney can predict the outcome of your court case quite flawlessly. Lento Law Firm provides attorneys with the expertise that you require for winning your case. Click here to know various other factors that can affect the result of the trial. 

A few of the factors determining the result of the case are mentioned below:

A] Your criminal history: 

The criminal history of the defendant plays quite a significant role in the case. If you’re free from past convictions and have a clean slate; the charges can be reduced or dismissed. But if you have a past with convictions, the prosecutor can use these as brownie points. They can get you into deeper trouble if your criminal history is negative. 

B] Facts of your case:

Words are never trusted in a court. Evidence and facts are the sole aspects that determine your innocence or guilt, says OUP.com. Both the prosecutor and defendant are given equal opportunity to present evidence and witnesses before the court. The jury and judge evaluate these and pay keen attention to facts. The facts largely decide if you’ll be charged- guilty or not guilty.

C] Attorney: 

An attorney undeniably has a huge role to play. An experienced lawyer increases the likelihood of a favorable outcome. An attorney through research and strategy can dismiss the charges or reduce them. If he has a good rapport in the court, he can negotiate even better. He should be willing to conduct a thorough investigation and research to bring the ball to your court. 

D] Judge: 

Judge’s word is the last word. No doubt your case relies highly on the judge. Different judges have their own ways to tackle cases. Hence, the judge allotted to your case can impact your results too. 

E] Prosecutor: 

Lastly; the one who filed a complaint against you determines the proceeding. Some plaintiffs decide to settle cases outside the court (source). In such a case, after monetary compensation and fulfilling the demands of the plaintiff, the defendant can get back to normal life. 

Various factors are at play when a court case proceeds. One sudden and fruitful piece of evidence can turn the entire case around. Attorneys have to be very cautious when making statements. Even one slight distortion from your side can make a huge difference. In the end, through everything, truth is what wins.