Do The Best Sitters Really Come From Sittercity?


It’s hard to say. You can’t tell right away. You’d have to know more about the other online babysitting services first. From there, you’d have a good idea if the best sitters really do come from Sittercity.

Not All Online Babysitting Services Are Created Equal

It’s a fact. Nothing is created equal. Hence, the same thing’s true for online babysitting services.

You’ll find a lot of babysitting services online. Sittercity isn’t the only one. There are a lot to choose from. But there are about five or six that you can consider reputable. So you have to be careful. And yes, Sittercity is one of the top six babysitting services online. 

At a quick glance, you’d think they’re all the same. You post a job and the babysitters respond to you. That’s the point where you start connecting to the babysitters. Suffice to say, all online babysitting services operate the same way. They connect parents and babysitters to each other.

But if you look closely, the top babysitting services online aren’t exactly alike. They have their own distinct features. For example, one particular babysitting service just entails the parents to post a job. Soon as the babysitters express their interest, it’s the babysitting service that does everything for the parents. The parents don’t have to do anything but to post a job. While that seems pretty easy, it just doesn’t sound too safe.

Here’s another good example. All these top online babysitting services guarantee safety (see They claim that their system can help parents screen and hire the best babysitter. With added services such as background checks, these top babysitting services seem to have a reliable system in place.

But you do have to look closely to see the difference. Some services just guarantee that their babysitters have undergone background checks. They don’t offer the service as a stand-alone. Which means that parents cannot request for a background check.

They have to settle for what has been done for them already. That’s not what most parents want. They want to run their own background check on the applicant they’re interested in.

Suffice to say, the top online babysitting services are not exactly the same. You may think they are. But they’re not.

Why Sittercity Is Different

Safety and security are the top priorities of Sittercity. Sure, the other babysitting services claim the same thing. But Sittercity is true to this claim.

To ensure safety and security, Sittercity provides access to reviews. You’ll discover that these reviews are very valuable. Why? Well, because they’re based from the experiences of the other parents. Hence, you’ll be able to see what the other parents are saying about the babysitter you have in mind.  Not all babysitting services online offer this kind of resource for parents.

The background check of Sittercity is a stand-alone service. This means that you can run your own background check on your candidates. Although the babysitters on Sittercity have already undergone background checks, you can still have one done if you like. Sittercity gives you the time, space, tools, and resources to search on your own. That’s very important when it comes to hiring a babysitter.

Sittercity ensures that you do you part in finding a babysitter. They provide everything that you’ll need to find a babysitter. Sittercity is keen on helping you make well-informed decisions.

The Thing About Sittercity

Can you actually find the best babysitter? Yes, you can. As long as you do it yourself. And as long as you do it the right way, says

You simply cannot rely on some online babysitting service. If you want to find the best baby sitter, you need to do it yourself. A good online babysitting service will just provide you the tools and resources.

Here’s the thing about Sittercity, It does not make false promises. As a matter of fact, it does not promise anything. It just provides you everything you need to find a babysitter. That’s all part of their commitment to help you connect to the babysitter, which you think is best for you.

So with Sittercity, you’re empowered to do everything on your own. You can have a background check done if you want, which is important to do, according to Romper. You can also find out more about the applicants by taking time out to read their reviews. All these you can do at your own convenient time. Sittercity let’s you do all that.

The reality is that only you can find the best babysitter. The online babysitting services won’t know what’s best for you. Only you can tell. Given the tools and resources Sittercity provides for you, there’s just no doubt you can find the best babysitter. In that case then, the best babysitters really do come from Sittercity.