Can You Get Quality Car Shipping At An Affordable Price

Whether transporting a car across the country or to another state, it’s a considerable task, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be a significant expense. A priority is establishing a budget with the essential services you’ll require. Much of that will depend on the vehicle type.

The service quality, reliability, and trustworthiness of the company and the vehicle’s safety will also be factors meaning you won’t want cheap car shipping but suitable for your budgetary needs. There are strategies you can incorporate to find affordable prices with high-caliber car shipping services.

It’s important to do your research to become informed on what factors impact the price point so that you can pick and choose what’s critical in your circumstances and which services you can let go of. Some variables will be out of your control, like the distance to your destination.

Comparing a few companies to get the most competitive price and planning well in advance will help you achieve your objectives. Let’s look at the factors that contribute to the price point.

What Factors Contribute To Escalating Car Shipping Fees And Charges

Transporting a vehicle to another state or internationally makes a difference in the price point. Distance is a factor in how much you’ll pay, as is whether the vehicle is operable and if you want the car protected in an enclosed trailer or hauled in an open carrier.

Many variables affect fees and charges, but none are as great as your chosen car shipping company. Each transport business differs in the types of services provided to their customers and the rates for these. Learn prices to ship an auto at

Some are less expensive than others, but the cheapest on the market doesn’t define the best in the business. A priority is to search for quality, reliability, reputation, and trustworthiness, along with the auto’s safety provisions. This might equate to a higher price point but is worthy of the investment.

Some variables, like destination, will be out of your control. An international shipment will be much more expensive than state-to-state or cross-country. But weighing other expenses to see what’s vital for your circumstances and what you can avoid to keep the cost down is important.

Consider these factors that will play a significant role in the price point for car shipping.

⦁ The distance of the trip

The distance from pick up to drop off is a primary consideration for transporting prices. If the move is from state to state, it will be less expensive than a shipment going across the country or to another country. 

That isn’t merely due to the miles being traveled but more explicitly represents the driver’s expertise in carrying the load safely to its destination. 

When considering saving wear and tear on the vehicle, the distance being traveled for the truck, and the driver’s skill set in keeping the car protected, a reasonable investment is worth it.

⦁ The auto-size is a factor

Compact cars will be less expensive than a 4×4 truck or heavy piece of equipment. It’s dependent on which vehicles are specialties for the car shipping company and how much space it consumes on the truck. 

Not all companies double the price simply because your auto is extra large; it’s important to shop for competitive prices and avoid those that imply this to be the case. Visit here for details on choosing a car transport company.

A range of vetted and insured shippers work with brokers; some are small businesses or local operations with a single flatbed carrier that will get your car from pick up to drop off. 

Not all will take each vehicle type, and delivery could take a bit longer, but the prices are reasonable, and the company is still high-standard. Again, looking for competitive pricing and finding the services within your budget is essential.

⦁ Enclosed trailers vs. open haulers will vary significantly in price

One key shipping choice is using an enclosed trailer or an open hauler. The auto will be exposed to weather conditions with an open carrier as it’s transported to the final destination. Of course, enclosed trailers protect the car entirely from the elements and will also ensure no threat of theft.

The container is sealed and locked. An open hauler is common, much less costly, and the recommended option for car shipping, especially if you’re working on a tight budget (source). 

If you have a new auto or one in mint condition, the enclosed trailer is an option but can be as much as “50 percent higher in price” than the open hauler. 

Protecting a valuable asset is almost always worth the added investment, however.

Final Thought

The price is what you pay for having the car shipped, but the value is the quality you receive from the transport company. There needs to be a good balance. The cheapest option in shipping services might not be able to give the highest value.