Buy Box: Stop Dreaming, Take It!

showing the buy box on Amazon
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Buy Box always makes a difference in the Amazon online marketplace. It is a powerful tool. Amazon created it for the most competitive merchants. If you get this coveted instrument, your sales suddenly go up. That is because many people implicitly select the most suitable and affordable vendor by left-clicking ‘Buy now’ on the right side of the page. Today, we will instruct you on how you improve the primary Amazon metrics and get a Box share.

Getting Started

If you have a positive selling record at Amazon, you will be offered the Buy Box at this or that moment. A product should have an affordable price. In turn, your Amazon metrics should be among the best ones. The robot calculates a score for every item of the same brand in the market and ranges them accordingly. The most decent goods get into the Buy Box. The score accounts for nearly all parameters of the product and the seller. However, the weights are different. It means that highly reputable sellers may sell at a bit higher price but remain on the top due to their proven reliability and many good evaluations.  

Nowadays, more than half of all purchases go through the simplified procedure based on the information that Amazon published. For this reason, getting this instrument for your products may be seen as an award for previous good performance and current competitive deals.

Professional Account

Having that is a prerequisite. There is no way to get your item into a coveted box with the Individual Account. It is not for beginning sellers. The Professional Plan at Amazon costs 39.99 USD per month and provides you with a range of essential advantages. If you tried the Amazon and fixed the first revenues, it is likely the time to switch to the Professional Plan.

Only New Items Suit

The Buy Box is for new goods only. Other categories are not supported. It is probably easy to understand. The used, refurbished, and other items differ by their state. They are not suitable for a quick blind purchase. Your client needs to select them one-by-one, read a description, and make a responsible choice after considering all the provided information. 

Never Run Out-of-Stock

The Amazon robots know a lot about your inventory. They monitor your history and memorize the moments where you terminated offers because you had nothing to sell. Even if you resumed sales after a minute of delay, this does not satisfy robots. Your stock should always be full, and you should be ready to serve your new customers quickly. Keep in mind, this requirement relates only to the items that you promote to the Buy Box. 

Eligible Categories

You have to examine your Amazon Seller Central to see whether your goods are eligible for the Buy Box. It depends on what sort of product you precisely distribute. Some products are eligible, while others are not. The list is not static and changes over time, depending on the situation in the market. We suggest that you always have relevant information and do not try to get the box when it is impossible to get it. 

Always Unbeatable Deals  

A common situation is when several merchants provide the goods of the same brand. You the identification numbers, such as ISIN, to reveal that. Well, the descriptions and photos likely differ, but the item is the same. In this situation, someone will win the Buy Box, whereas others will have to survive without it. 

Your prices must be a bit better as compared to the offers of your competitors. Since the prices at Amazon are dynamic, you need an automatic tool that updates a price. monitors the situation in the online shops of other buyers and changes your prices accordingly. For instance, if your competitors sell something at 4.99 USD, there is no need to sell at 4.00 USD, and so this shouldn’t be overlooked when you are in business. It is enough to set the price at 4.98 USD, and you will be the Box winner. The Repricer.Online tool takes care of everything and maximizes your profits daily. 

Concluding Remarks

This article unveils the tips and tricks to get an additional promotion for your most competitive items. Remember that it is not enough to sell cheap. You also need to have a good track record of the entire account. We advise you to take care of the landing price and the average delivery time. The FBA program is a point to start if you are an e-commerce newcomer.