Bike Fitting and Finding the Perfect Balance

bike fitting

Hopping on your bike and trusting that it’s just going to work for you right away is for a thing in the past. Right now it’s about finding the perfect balance in your bike, discovering your custom fit to ensure that your ride is as safe, smooth and successful as possible every time you hop on and head out there. Here is what you can expect when you head to your local physio to get your bike fit perfected…

What is Bike Fitting?

Bike fitting involves using the biomechanical, anatomical expertise of a professional phyo to deliver a customised fit for a rider and their bike. This process is going to give you the optimal fit possible and is perfect for cycling enthusiasts, professionals or those who find themselves in a state of discomfort when they head out for a ride. You don’t have to be a professional cyclist to enjoy the benefits of a correctly fitting bike!

What to Expect in a Bike Fitting Session

Your bike fit will be determined by a comprehensive view and subsequent adjustments. In order to strike that ideal balance between you and your machine, your physiotherapist will likely…

Interview You: Your interview will take a deep dive into your cycling experience, history, issues and improvements. A talk interview can be just as informative as the physical examination and bike adjustments, so ensure that you’re being as open and receptive as possible to get the very best results at the end of the entire process.

Do a Screening: This is a musculoskeletal screening which assesses the intricacies of your unique overall form. Your attributes and biomechanical measurements determine how you use your bike. This screening also looks into joint mobility, flexibility and strength. Your strength might be screened using a dynamic strength assessment.

Shoot a Video for Analysis: This is going to observe the current state of your bike fit. A video assessment allows your physiotherapist to really see where your fit is and isn’t working for your form and your physical capabilities. Your fit will be determined by the results from this video, your screening and your interview.

Create an Exercise Program: One of the biggest benefits of any kind of physiotherapy session is that you leave with exercises, stretches, adjustments and advice that is completely tailored to you. Your bike fit exercise program will help you to develop your strength, fitness and cycling performance when you’re outside of the practice.

Adjust Accordingly: The core aspects of a bike fit are the stem, saddle height (more info), handlebar position and foot position. These will be adjusted and tweaked throughout the process in order to determine the optimal position for your form. Your machine will be adjusted and you will leave your session with a professional fit that guarantees a comfortable and safe ride, long term.

It’s the combination of these tests, reviews, assessments and adjustments that will bring balance to your relationship with your bike. Getting out on the road in a comfortable fashion will boost your ride performance and allow you to go further, faster and more precisely in your future. Building your bike skills comes from a great fit, and you really cannot achieve this without the aid of a professional bike fit physiotherapist, so consult here before you start tinkering about with that machine to save yourself hassle, time and potential pain down the line.