Best NFT Games 2022

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NFT games might be a bit challenging to understand because of the wide variety of genres and the complexity of crypto and blockchain technology. For a general overview of this new technology, see our piece ‘What are NFTs?’ Or our ‘Introduction to NFT gaming’ content.

More non-fungible token computer games are being released every month, and the finest NFT videogames are here to stay, says Binance. Similar to linear gaming, these games feature a diverse range of genres and styles, including card warfare games, epic role-playing adventures, and monster breeding simulations (more info). While not all of these are play-to-earn, they all do give players ownership over some of the games. 

NFT games differ from traditional experiences in that players can exchange or sell their acquired stuff for real money both within and possibly across games. The NFTs themselves can be utilized as a form of game ownership. The majority of the best NFT games include an internal market where players may trade goods on a blockchain, and this also implies that they can be exchanged on the top NFT markets beyond the game.

  • Wizardia

Visually the most innovative NFT game to date is Wizardia. In order to resolve conflicts and rescue the world, the tale relies on ideas like various races joining together to discover shared truths; hence Wizardia’s gaming incorporates a community-based cooperative component. 

With the introduction of the token, different gathering strategies result in various payouts. This paves the way for the group and other partners to integrate a number of new initiatives into the Echelon eco-system.

While there are already card fight games With fantastic imagery, engaging stories, and DEFI (decentralized finance) features, it aims to reimagine the crypto-based trading card game genre.

  • Sorare

NFT is the technology behind the fantasy football game Sorare, which also has an MLB counterpart. It combines the two concepts into monthly contests where the deck of playing cards is influenced by actual statistics and activities from the top football leagues around the world. 

Gather football player trading cards from the real world and select five athletes to represent your deck in the weekly contests. Similar to fantasy football, your point total is determined by how well these footballers perform over the week. More than 200 legally recognized clubs are included in the game, including Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich.

Although it’s free to register, receive a starter pack, play, win, and earn rare cards as well as Ether, you’ll need to buy rare, amazingly, and unique cards to progress and win additional matches.

  • Atlus Star

A similar experience to the older Elite or the more recent No Man’s Sky is promised by Star Atlus, except here, you can really make money from your intergalactic adventures. Star Atlus raises the bar for the next NFT games with its triple-A gaming aesthetics and performance. Player vs. player (PvP) and Player vs Environment (PvE) missions form the foundation of the gameplay. By purchasing ships and other things from the in-game market, you may make an investment in a fleet.

Star Atlus gives NFT usefulness a degree of popular gaming. Due to the lack of a free-to-play alternative, many players may be turned off by the play-to-earn concept. Star Atlus holds a lot of potentials, though, and you can start assembling your fleet right away.

  • Treeverse

Although Treeverse is still under construction, you may now purchase ‘Timeless’ characters that will function in the Treeverse realm. The game offers an expansive open environment to explore and a fighting system inspired by multiplayer game arenas (MOBAs). In Treeverse, you may kill monsters, craft rare weapons, join guilds, and conquer dungeons and fish. 

The selling point for Treeverse is that it will emphasize play-and-earn more than play-to-earn. Within the cryptocurrency world, excitement is already growing. A writer has been found in Cycles of the Shroom and Punks Comics veteran Ric Galbraith.

That is essentially the fundamental idea behind play-to-earn games. The fact that your NFT character, land, or object is connected to a cryptocurrency gives it real-world worth. Imagine them as stocks in a game, but ones whose worth you can directly influence because of their rarity, such as if you create a character with exclusive features that only you possess.