Best Laminator Options for Your Office or Classroom

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There are thousands of great laminators available on the market today, and it can be difficult to sort through them all when you’re shopping. So, instead of looking up various brands and products, we prefer to weigh their essential features and make-up when deciding

What to look for in a great Laminating Equipment

Is it a hot laminator or a cold laminator

Hot laminators work by applying heat to the adhesive in a laminating pouch/ film and forcing both sides of the film/pouch together as the glue melts, according to On average, hot lamination is more durable than cold lamination.

Cold laminators work by applying pressure via rollers on the plastic sheets that make up the laminate, forcing them together. Cold lamination tends to produce more bubbles than hot lamination.

Roll vs Pouch Laminators

Film Laminators or Roll Laminators operate by feeding in and sealing the document you wish to laminate between two sheets of film or plastic. They are common for larger documents and can work with Hot or Cold Lamination.

Pouch laminators use smaller films and work with ID cards, small documents, business cards, work IDs, etc. They are more popular and are also cheaper and more portable to use.

Sheets or Pouches

Laminating sheets are adhesive-lined plastic sheets great for single-side laminations. Most laminating sheets are self-sealing, so you won’t need to use a roller or a hot laminator, but they do not offer all side protection as double-sided laminating pouches do. 

Laminating pouches are the way to go if you want full protection for your documents, ID cards, etc. They come with a pre-sealed side, are transparent on both sides, and produce a tougher, more dependent laminate that can withstand regular use.

Number of Rollers 

More rollers equal faster speeds, quicker heat distribution, and more pressure. More rollers also reduce the likelihood of bubbles in your laminate. To get the best results, look at rollers with 6 rollers or more. 

Heating time

Hot laminators need to warm up properly before you begin laminating, but heating time can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. When you’re shopping for laminating equipment at websites such as Renz, look for hot laminators that heat up quickly and have indicator lights that tell you when it’s okay to laminate.

Laminating Speed

If you laminate more than a few times every week, you might want a laminator with a quick laminating time to speed up the process for you. Ideally, you want something that can laminate at the rate of 12 inches per minute that way you can work through multiple ID cards/ paper documents faster. 


A good laminator can cost you anywhere between $400 to over $2000 depending on the size, specification, and whether or not it uses heat. It helps to write down your ideal specifications and single out the best laminators using your list as a guide.


Different Lamintors serve a specific purpose in the class or office. Hence, it is important to know the characteristics of the laminator before purchasing it.