Amazing First Time on the Heritage Binh Chuan Cruise to Explore Halong Bay

Cruising overnight in Halong Bay is the best choice to explore this famous worldwide destination. If you are wondering how to choose the best cruise, let’s follow my 2-day journey on the Heritage Binh Chuan Cruise.

Why did I choose Heritage Binh Chuan?

Since I had already visited Halong Bay, I opted to explore Lan Ha Bay, a location near Cat Ba Island, for a new experience. 

I’m a fan of classic and boutique cruises with an average capacity of 40 to 50 people. Fortunately, Heritage Binh Chuan fits all of my needs at a reasonable cost.

For those who are curious, these are some reasons it catches my eye:

  • All cabins are large (the minimum size is 33m2) with a private balcony and bathtub.
  • Have many recreation areas: art gallery, library, piano lounge, pool, bar, etc.
  • There is a traditional-themed dinner on board.

The Booking Process

You can book Halong Bay cruises on various sites online. After searching through, I decided to book a 2-day Heritage Binh Chuan Cruise with BestPrice Travel for roughly US $389 (at the time of the booking, it may change in the future). I also chose a 2-way transfer from Hanoi to Halong for US $40/pax from the website.

My travel adviser contacted me via email shortly after my booking to confirm the details. She was quick to address any questions I had. I highly suggest this company since they arranged everything very quickly.

Visit for trusted booking

My overnight journey in Lan Ha Bay

Day 1

Travel from Hanoi to Halong

We were picked up at my hotel in the Old Quarter at around 8:10 on a Limousine D-car with 9 seats. It was new and clean with air-con, phone charger, free drink, etc. 

The journey was relatively smooth and comfy. There will be a 15 – 20 minute rest at a stopover midway where you can buy handcrafted products, food, and drinks.

Boarding the cruise – Lunchtime

We arrived at the waiting lounge (Lot 28B Tuan Chau Marina) at approximately 11:15. After checking in, you can relax here before embarking.

At noon, everyone was directed to a tender boat that took us to the main ship. The transfer time is about 20 minutes so you’ll have time to enjoy the cool air and get a glimpse of the stunning bay.

From afar, I could see the waving staff. They warmly welcomed us on board and showed us the way to the 3rd-floor. You’ll be given a cup of juice and a cool handkerchief to refresh before listening to the crew introduction and cruise briefing.

It’s time to get into our cabin, the Delta Twin Suite on the 1st deck. The room has an elegant design with an oriental style. I loved the nice fragrance of the room, the floor-to-ceiling window then the airy private balcony. 

Cozy room with soft beds

The bathroom was clean and pretty large. Soaking in the bathtub with a stunning view was a nice change of pace. Overall, I’m totally satisfied with the cabin, they even served us fresh fruits.

The lunchtime was at 13:30 and it was buffet-style. The food was quite varied from European to Asian. I especially liked the seafood, they were well-seasoned and very fresh.

A trip to Dark & Bright Cave

The 1st activity in the afternoon was visiting the Dark & Bright Cave. Here, guests will get on a rowing boat to explore the area. 

Hidden half-body underwater, this cave has very little natural light inside. You can still see stalactites on the ceiling and hear the bat inside. Passing through the cave is a sea valley surrounded by magnificent mountains that will impress you.

The breathtaking scenery on the bamboo boat

There will be hats on the boat so you only need to put on sunscreen. A fan may be necessary as this place is an airtight spot.

We backed on board around 15:45. Now it’s our leisure time. We decided to go swimming in the pool, have afternoon tea and take part in the cooking class. It’s raining so we can’t see the sunset, which is a pity.

Special Royal-themed Dinner

In the evening, Heritage Cruise prepares a traditional Vietnamese royal-themed meal at Le Tonkin Restaurant. There will be a fascinating 16-string zither performance throughout the meal. Savoring scrumptious foods supplied by staff dressed in Ao Dai while listening to relaxing music was such an unforgettable moment for me.

Tasty Steak for Dinner

After the sumptuous meal, I had free time to wander around the ship. It has many places for entertainment and relaxation, such as the art gallery, library, spa, gym, etc. We decided to visit Song Hong Lounge as it has a piano and guitar for us to play. Then we finished with some fun squid fishing (though we couldn’t catch any) before going to bed.

Day 2

After a light breakfast, we participated in the last activity, which was kayaking in the Tra Bau area. This is a great way to unwind and immerse yourself in nature. This place was pristine, with wonderful seascapes that were perfect for stunning pictures.

Have fun while kayaking

We backed on board at 9:00 to relax for a bit before checking out. After that, it was a nice brunch, and the dessert was the highlight this time. 

Around 11:00, we got on the tender boat and transferred back to the pier, ending the short but fun trip to Lan Ha Bay.

Final thought

I thoroughly enjoyed my two days on the Heritage Binh Chuan. The staff was very attentive and always smiling. The boat was magnificent, and the view was breathtaking. The royal dinner was one of the best I’ve ever had.

The only drawbacks were the rainy weather and the insufficient soundproofing of the room (I’m a light sleeper). And remember, forget about the wifi; it was nonexistent due to the geology of the bay. 

I am persuaded that this is one of the best Halong Bay luxury cruises to Lan Ha as the service was outstanding. If you fancy it, you can check the cruise out! Thank you for spending time reading my review.