6 Benefits of Metal Prints

Have you ever considered metals like aluminium to be the medium for printing your favorite picture’s onto? Metal prints have several benefits compared to traditional printing materials such as paper or canvas. If you want to give your image that wow factor, here is why you should consider metal prints.  


Compared to other forms of prints, metal prints are long-lasting. The reason is the durability of the medium on which ink is infused. The print color will not fade, even if you expose it to sunlight for years. It makes them suitable for indoor, as well as outdoor usage.

Suits Traditional as well as Modern Décor

Another benefit of metal prints is that they go well with traditional, as well as modern décor. You will not have to spend much time thinking about their placement in the home, as they look great almost anywhere!

Resistant to Scratches

During the metal printing procedure, ink is infused into the aluminium layer. It is then transferred under the exterior coating of aluminium. That is why, unlike canvas or paper prints, metal prints are resistant to scratches. You can hang them in any room, without having to worry about any scratches affecting the condition of the print.

Not Heavy

Heavy frames or prints put an extra burden on your walls. That is why many people avoid hanging their favorite art pieces that are quite heavy. Metal prints are made up of a layer of aluminium metal, which is considered a lightweight metal. You can hang them in any room – old or new – without any tension.

Easy to Clean

When you clean a canvas or paper print, you need to be very careful not to wipe off any ink. You won’t have to worry about this with metal prints. With metal prints, the ink is beneath the external coating. You can easily clean all sorts of stains and fingerprints from the metal surface, without damaging the print in any way.

Fire Retardant

Metal prints are fire retardant, which means they do not get damaged by heat. You can hang them in a kitchen or any other place where the temperature is usually high. The print will stay fresh in both heated and humid places.

Many Customization Options

You can be as creative as you want while getting a metal print designed. They are available in a variety of sizes and there are a multitude of different finishing and mounting options.

Summing up…

Metal prints hold up really well in high temperature and humid environments. You can hang them in almost any room at your home or office. They can meet any aesthetic need, as they suit modern, as well as traditional décors equally. What really makes them worth investing in is their longevity. They are resistant to color fading, scratches, and heat, which means they will look as good as they do now in 20 or even 30 years time. You can also clean their surface if they have any sort of stain, without fear of damage.