5 Easy And Effective Ways To Improve Your Office Décor

Research suggests that a third of your life is spent in your office. That’s a good enough reason to make sure the décor is improved on a regular basis. It needs to be comfortable, relaxing, and promote productivity. It may sound difficult but it isn’t as hard as you think. Just adopt the following 5 easy and effective methods:

1. Paint It

The most obvious first step is to repaint the walls. You’ll probably want to pick your favorite color. However, you should remember that dark colors warm the space but make it feel smaller while light colors will make the space feel larger but also colder. 

Getting a balance is important to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the year.

2. Use A Standing Desk

The second thinking you need to do is invest in a standing desk. This will allow you to sit for some of the day and stand for the rest. Standing desks have been shown to increase productivity. But, they are also beneficial for your health

You’ll find a huge array of standing desks available, simply choose the one that matches the flow and color of your office. The best standing desks can move easily between positions without having to empty the desk. That makes them convenient and practical, you’ll wonder how you managed without one!

3. Add Plants

Perhaps the most important step is to add some plants. These absorb carbon dioxide and pollutants into the air and release cleaner, oxygen-rich air. In short, plants like the Zanzibar gem will make your office environment healthier, according to foli8.

In addition, plants can bring the outside inside, helping people to feel more positive and be more productive. That’s another good incentive to add plants to your office décor.

You should choose your plants carefully, there are plenty that needs very little attention and thrive in the office e environment. These will be the best ones to choose because you will be focused on work, not the plants surrounding your office.

That doesn’t take away from the fact they are a valuable addition to the space.  

4. Put Some Pictures Up

Painted walls look great but the best way to inspire yourself is to personalize the space. That means adding pictures of your loved ones and scenery that you enjoy. You don’t want to cover the walls or your desk but a few well-chosen pictures will transform the space and your spirits.

Make sure the pictures are personal as this will help you to relax and de-stress when things are getting on top of you. 

5. Add Storage

Offices tend to get messy quickly as you have a huge amount of paperwork to get through and the in-tray will stack up faster than the completed items. 

In order to keep your office looking great, you will want to find some attractive storage solutions. These should blend in, making them almost invisible and practical. It’s an effective way of transforming the space and improving the décor at the same time.